The Whistleblower and Source Protection Program (WHISPeR) at ExposeFacts is a separately-funded project fiscally sponsored by the Institute for Public Accuracy. Founded in 2015, WHISPeR receives dedicated funding from U.S. and international foundations and individual donors. To discuss partnering with us as a funder, please contact Kathleen McClellan (

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WHISPeR is proud to receive support from the following funders:

Arnold Ventures

Fritt Ord

The Reva & David Logan Foundation

Individual Donations

Your donations provide the independent funding that allows us to represent the government’s most aggressively prosecuted whistleblowers. In several cases we were the first to stand behind clients that no one else would or could publicly defend.


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Donations to WHISPeR are tax-deductible.

WHISPeR is fiscally sponsored by the Institute for Public Accuracy – EIN: 94-3281861.