[Webinar]: Drone Proliferation, Border Surveillance and the Persecution of Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale

WHISPeR invites you to join us for the upcoming webinar organized by BanKillerDrones.org

Sunday, May 16, 2021
11a.m.-12:30p.m. Eastern Time (US)

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Webinar Panelist photos

Chris Cole
Maya Evans
William Neuheisel
Leah Bolger

CHRIS COLE is the founder of Drone Wars UK and the author of: “Convenient Killing: Armed Drones and the PlayStation Mentality (2010)” and “Drone Wars: Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Control (2016)”. He is a long-time anti-war activist and lives in Oxford with his wife, Virginia, and their children. He will speak about the spread of weaponized and surveillance drones and their growing deadly power.

MAYA EVANS has been campaigning against war and militarism for nearly two decades. For 10 of those years her focus has been around the ongoing war in Afghanistan, visiting peace and civil society groups in Kabul, running campaigns against weaponized drones, visiting schools to run peace education workshops, as well as leading a High Court Judicial Review investigating British complicity in the torture of Afghan detainees. In 2012 she was sentenced to two weeks in prison at HMP Bronzefield for protesting the NATO helicopter bombing of an Afghan village which killed 47 people at a wedding. Maya is a representative on her local council in Hastings, and she is the Cabinet lead for Parks and Recreation. She coordinates Voices for Creative Nonviolence- UK. Maya will speak about the use of drones in efforts to prevent immigrants from landing in the UK and their growing use by police and how this all relates to the war in Afghanistan.

WILLIAM NEUHEISEL is a human rights & civil liberties advocate with the Whistleblower & Source Protection Program (WHISPeR) at ExposeFacts, which provides critical legal support for whistleblowers and media sources in the national security and human rights arena. William is a longtime anti-war and human rights activist with expertise at the intersections of technology, constitutional law, and national security, and has worked closely with preeminent whistleblower attorneys Jesselyn Radack and Kathleen McClellan to support legal defense and public advocacy efforts for some of the most aggressively prosecuted truth-tellers of our time. He will discuss the unjust prosecution, and the jailing prior to sentencing, of drone whistle-blower Daniel Hale, who faces 10 years in U.S. federal prison on charges of releasing government documents damning of the U.S. drone war program.

Webinar moderator LEAH BOLGER retired in 2000 from the U.S. Navy at the rank of Commander after twenty years of active duty service. She was elected as the first woman President of Veterans For Peace (VFP) in 2012, and that same year was a member of a delegation to Pakistan to meet with the victims of U.S. drone strikes. She is the creator and coordinator of the “Drones Quilt Project.” She currently serves as the President of “World BEYOND War,” an international organization designed to abolish the institution of war.